Objective 5. Insert Hyperlinks

Cities, businesses, and other organizations often publish their important documents on the Web. Microsoft Word features tools that enable the creation of Web pages directly from word processing documents. Hyperlinks can be added to move to related sites quickly. Hyperlinks are text or graphics that you click to move to a file, another page in a Web site, or a page in a different Web site.

Activity 4.10. Inserting Text Hyperlinks

The type of hyperlink used most frequently is one that is attached to text. Text hyperlinks usually display underlined and in blue.


Start Word and display a new blank document. Close the task pane, display the formatting marks, and zoom to Page Width. Display the Page Setup dialog box and set the Left and Right margins to 1 inch. Type City of Desert Park and then press . Type Water Matters and then press .


Select the first line of text, change the Font to Garamond, and then change the Font Size to 20. Select the second line of text, change the font to Garamond and the font size to 28.


Select both title lines, click Bold , and then click Center . Click the Font Color arrow , and then in the second row, click the sixth colorBlue.



Position the insertion point in the third (blank) line. From the Insert menu, click File. From the student files that accompany this textbook, locate and insert w04B_Water_Matters. Move to the top of the document, and then compare your screen with Figure 4.25.

Figure 4.25.



Display the Save As dialog box, navigate to the chapter folder in which you are storing your files for this chapter, and then save the document as 4B_Water_Matters_Firstname_Lastname



Position the insertion point at the end of the paragraph beginning The City Council approved. Press once and then type See the EPA Watershed site. In the sentence you just typed, select the text EPA Watershed. Compare your screen with Figure 4.26.


Figure 4.26.



On the Standard toolbar, click the Insert Hyperlink button . Alternatively, right-click on the selected text and click Hyperlink from the shortcut menu; or, select Hyperlink from the Insert menu.


In the displayed Insert Hyperlink dialog box, under Link to, click Existing File or Web Page. In the Address box, type http://cfpub.epa.gov/surf/locate/map2.cfm

An address may display in the Address box as you type. This is AutoComplete at work. It displays the most recently used Web address for your computer.



In the upper right corner of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click ScreenTip. In the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box, type Watershed Map and then compare your screen with Figure 4.27.

Figure 4.27.

This is the ScreenTip that will display when the pointer is placed over the hyperlink.


On the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box, click OK. At the bottom of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click OK.

The hyperlink is recorded, and the selected text changes to blue and is underlined.



In the next paragraph, in the second line, select the text Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using the technique you just practiced, create a hyperlink to the address http://www.epa.gov and type EPA Home Page as the ScreenTip. Save your document, and then compare your screen with Figure 4.28.

Figure 4.28.


Activity 4.11. Adding a Hyperlink to a Graphic

When you point to a graphic on a Web page, if the pointer changes to the Link Select pointer (a pointing finger), this indicates that a hyperlink has been added to the graphic. When you point to a hyperlink in a Word document, a ScreenTip displays with instructions for accessing the link.



Scroll to view the bottom of the document, and then click the water cooler graphic to select it. Display the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, under Link to, be sure Existing File or Web Page is selected, and then create the link to the address http://www.epa.gov As the ScreenTip, type Drinking Water Standards and then compare your screen with Figure 4.29.


Figure 4.29.



Click OK to close the dialog boxes, and click anywhere in the document to deselect the image. Then, point to the water cooler graphic to display the ScreenTip that you typed. Compare your screen with Figure 4.30.

Figure 4.30.

The instructions for activating the hyperlink display in the ScreenTip, and the Web address displays in the status bar.


Point to the EPA Watershed hyperlink and notice the ScreenTip and the Web address in the status bar. Use the same procedure to check the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hyperlink. Save the document.

More Knowledge: Adding an E-mail Hyperlink

You can also add a hyperlink to an e-mail address in a document. Select the text that you want to link to, and then click the Insert Hyperlink button. Under Link to, click E-mail Address. Type the e-mail address, or select it from the Recently used e-mail addresses list. If desired, type a Subject line. You can also click the ScreenTip button to add a ScreenTip to the hyperlink.


Activity 4.12. Testing and Modifying Hyperlinks

Make changes to hyperlinks from the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, which is similar to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.


Be sure you have an Internet connection, and be sure the water cooler graphic is not selected. Point to the water cooler graphic and read the ScreenTip. Follow the directions to test the hyperlink.

Your computer may be configured to click to activate a hyperlink, or you may be required to hold down and click the hyperlink.



Return to your document. Point to the water cooler graphic and right-click. From the shortcut menu, click Edit Hyperlink. At the bottom of the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, in the Address box, add safewater to the end of the Internet address. Compare your dialog box with Figure 4.31.

Figure 4.31.


NoteIf the Text Displays Automatically

When you begin typing the text in the text boxes of the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, the complete text may display after typing only a few letters. This indicates that another student used the computer to complete this project and that the AutoComplete feature is turned on.


At the bottom of the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, click OK to change the hyperlink address. Display the Footer area. On the Header and Footer toolbar, click the Insert AutoText button , and then click Filename. Close the footer, and then Save your document.

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