Creating a Presentation

Two Creating a Presentation

In this chapter, you will: complete these projects and practice these skills.

Project 2A Creating a Marketing Presentation


  1. Create a Presentation

  2. Modify Slides

Project 2B Creating a Company History Presentation


  1. Create a Presentation Using a Design Template

  2. Import Text from Word

  3. Move and Copy Text

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El Cuero Specialty Wares

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El Cuero de Mexico is a Mexico Citybased manufacturer of high-quality small leather goods for men and women. Their products include wallets, belts, handbags, key chains, and travel bags. The company distributes its products to department and specialty stores in the United States and Canada through its San Diegobased subsidiary, El Cuero Specialty Wares. Plans are currently underway for a new marketing campaign focusing on several new lines that will be unveiled next year.

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In this chapter, you will create a new presentation and modify slides by changing the presentation design and the location of text and by importing presentation text from existing presentations and from a word processor outline. When creating a presentation, keep your audience in mind. Find out the size of the audience and the level of knowledge your audience has about your topic. Learn as much as you can about the age, educational level, occupation, and cultural background of your audience. This information will help you develop a great presentation.

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Windows XP

Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer

Computer Concepts

Word 2003

Chapter One. Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2003

Chapter Two. Formatting and Organizing Text

Chapter Three. Using Graphics and Tables

Chapter Four. Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

Excel 2003

Chapter One. Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Chapter Two. Designing Effective Worksheets

Chapter Three. Using Functions and Data Tables

Access 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

Chapter Two. Sort, Filter, and Query a Database

Chapter Three. Forms and Reports

Powerpoint 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

Chapter Two. Creating a Presentation

Chapter Three. Formatting a Presentation

Integrated Projects

Chapter One. Using Access Data with Other Office Applications

Chapter Two. Using Tables in Word and Excel

Chapter Three. Using Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

Chapter Four. Linking Data in Office Documents

Chapter Five. Creating Presentation Content from Office Documents

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