Category: Text

Syntax: GetAsDate ( text )


textAny text expression or text field that returns a date, formatted the same as the date format on the system where the file was created.

Data type returned: Date


GetAsDate() interprets a text string that contains a date as an actual date. Anytime you use a date constant within a calculation formula, you should use the GetAsDate() or Date() functions to ensure that the date is interpreted correctly.

Note: In order to avoid errors, we recommend always using four-digit years; however, GetAsDate ( "1/1" ) will resolve to 1/1/2006 assuming the current year is 2006. GetAsDate ( "1/1/05" ) will resolve to 1/1/0005.




GetAsDate ("1/1/2004")

Returns 1/1/2004 stored internally as a date.

GetAsDate ("1/1/2004") + 8

Returns 1/9/2004. In this case, had the GetAsDate() function not been used, "1/1/2004" + 8 would have returned 112012.

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