Category: External

Syntax: External ( nameOfFunction; parameter )


nameOfFunctionThe name of the external function being called.

parameterThe parameter that is being passed to the external function.

Data type returned: Depends on the external function


The External() function is used to call functions defined within a plug-in. A plug-in must be installed (located in the Extensions folder) and enabled (under the Plug-Ins tab of Preferences) for you to have access to its functions.

The function name and parameter syntax for an external function is defined by the plug-in developer. When calling external plug-ins, be sure to use the exact syntax specified in the documentation for the plug-in. The external function parameter can generally be passed as a field, as long as the contents of the field conform to the requirements set forth by the plug-in developer. Because only a single parameter may be passed to a function, parameters often consist of delimited lists of data, which are then parsed and interpreted inside the plug-in.


 External ( "myPlugin"; "param1|param2|param3" )
 External ( "myPlugin"; myParmField )

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