Category: Logical

Syntax: Quote ( text )


textAny expression that resolves to a text string.

Data type returned: Text


The Quote() function returns the specified text string enclosed in quotation marks. To escape any special characters within the text string, such as quotation marks and double backslashes, place a backslash before them in the text string.

The Quote() function is used primarily in conjunction with the Evaluate() function, which can evaluate a dynamically generated formula. If the formula you are assembling contains a literal text string enclosed by quotation marks, or if it includes field contents that may potentially have quotation marks in it, then use the Quote() function to ensure that all internal quotation marks are escaped properly.


If the FullName field contains the name Billy "Joe" Smith, then Quote (FullName) would return "Billy "Joe" Smith". The absence and presence of quotation marks here is deliberate; the quotation marks are part of the returned string.

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