Category: Text

Syntax: Proper ( text )


textAny expression that resolves to a text string.

Data type returned: Text


Returns the specified text string with the initial letter of each word capitalized and all other letters as lowercase.

The Proper() function is one of three case-changing functions in FileMaker. The other two are Lower() and Upper().

The Proper() function is often used as part of an auto-entered calculation formula to reformat a users entry with the desired case. For instance, in a City field, where you would expect the first letter of each word to be capitalized, you could set up an auto-entry option to enter Proper(City) and uncheck the option to not replace existing value. Then, if a user were to type SAN FRANCISCO, upon exiting the field the entry would be reset to San Francisco.




Proper ("this is a TEST")

Returns This Is A Test.

Proper (Address)

Returns 123 Main Street when Address contains "123 main street".

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