Category: Text Formatting

Syntax: TextFont ( text; fontName {; fontScript})


textAny text string or expression that returns a text string.

fontNameAny font name available on the system. Must be enclosed in quotation marks.

fontScriptThe name of a character set (for example, Cyrillic, Greek, Roman). This is an optional parameter; quotation marks should not be used around the script name. Parameters in curly braces { } are optional.

Data type returned: Text


Changes the text font to the specified fontName and optional fontScript. Font names are case sensitive.

If no matches for the specified font and script exist, FileMaker first looks for the font script and associated font in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box. If the script is not specified in the Fonts tab, the TextFont() function uses the default font for the system. This font script might not be the same as the specified script.

A list of font scripts is available in the online help system.

When TextFont() is used as part of the definition of a calculation field, the calculation should be set to return a text result. Text formatting options are lost if the data type returned is anything other than text.




TextFont ("testing 123"; "Courier")

Returns the string testing 123 in Courier font.

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