Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( ExtendedPrivileges )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Text


Returns a delimited list of extended privileges, separated by carriage returns, currently assigned for use by the active account in a given database file. Extended privileges are additional access rights assigned to a privilege set; by default they control such things as access via the Web, via ODBC/JDBC, and via FileMaker Networking, but developers can add their own extended privileges as well.

If the user's privilege set doesn't have any extended privileges enabled, Get( ExtendedPrivileges ) returns an empty list.

To test whether a user has a certain extended privilege, use one of the following formulas:

 PatternCount (Get (ExtendedPrivileges); "salesNorthWestRegion")

If this function returns anything other than 0, then the user has the salesNorthWestRegion extended privilege.

The Position() function can also be used:

 Position (Get (ExtendedPrivileges); "fmiwp"; 1; 1)

In this case, any value greater than 0 indicates the presence of the fmiwp privilege.


If the currently logged-in account uses a privilege set that includes the extended privileges of Access via Instant Web Publishing (keyword fmiwp) and Access via FileMaker Network (keyword fmapp).



Get (ExtendedPrivileges)

Returns fmiwp¶fmapp.

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