Category: Text Formatting

Syntax: TextStyleRemove ( text; style(s) )


textAny text string or expression that returns a text string.

styleAny named style or list of styles separated by a plus (+) sign, or an integer that represents a combination of styles. Named styles should not be placed in quotation marks and cannot be passed as field contents.

Data type returned: Text


Removes the specified styles from formatted text.

Removing AllStyles with TextStyleRemove() accomplishes the same thing as adding Plain with TextStyleAdd().

See TextStyleAdd() for a complete list of styles and a discussion of their numeric equivalents.




TextStyleRemove ("word underline"; WordUnderline)

Removes the word underline formatting from the phrase "word underline".

TextStyleRemove ("bold italic!"; bold+italic)

Removes the bold and italic formatting from the phrase "bold italic!".

TextStyleRemove (sampleText; AllStyles)

Removes all formatting styles from the contents of the variable sampleText.

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