Category: Design

Syntax: FieldNames ( fileName; layout/tableName )


fileNameThe name of an open FileMaker database from which to return field names.

layout/tableNameThe name of the layout or table to reference.

Data type returned: Text


Returns a carriage returndelimited list of field names.

When a table name is given (and is not also serving as a layout name), all fields for that table are returned. If a layout has the same name as a table, FileMaker will turn first to the layout in question and return only those fields that have been placed on that layout.

FieldNames() can be used to dynamically generate database structure information about any open FileMaker database.

When information about fields in a table is returned, the results are ordered according to the creation order of the fields. When the names of the fields on a particular layout are returned, the results are ordered according to the stacking order of the fields, from back to front. If an object appears on a layout more than once, it appears multiple times in the result list. Related fields appear as RelationshipName::FieldName.




FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ); "Customers" )

Returns a list of fields found in the table named Customers in the current database (assuming there isn't a layout named "Customers").

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