Discovering Schema Information at Runtime

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In this chapter, we tried to cover the important tidbits regarding schema planning and implementation that are relevant to developers. We hope we gave a good flavor of what is available and provided some otherwise hard-to-find guidance. We still recommend reading MSDN's documentation on schema extensions in addition to following the nuggets of wisdom we presented here. The documentation can provide a good starting point, as well as the history and methodology around all things schema related.

Part I: Fundamentals

Introduction to LDAP and Active Directory

Introduction to .NET Directory Services Programming

Binding and CRUD Operations with DirectoryEntry

Searching with the DirectorySearcher

Advanced LDAP Searches

Reading and Writing LDAP Attributes

Active Directory and ADAM Schema

Security in Directory Services Programming

Introduction to the ActiveDirectory Namespace

Part II: Practical Applications

User Management

Group Management


Part III: Appendixes

Appendix A. Three Approaches to COM Interop with ADSI

Appendix B. LDAP Tools for Programmers

Appendix C. Troubleshooting and Help


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