Error 0x8007203A: "The server is not operational."

Error 0x8007203A The server is not operational

This error is quite common and may occur for a variety of different reasons. The most obvious cause is that the server you were trying to contact might actually be down, it may be blocked by a network firewall, or it might not exist at all. However, given that there is a variety of different ways to specify a server to use with ADSI, there are many other ways this error may be generated.

Chapter 3 is where you will find most of the information about binding to the directory. If you are not specifying a server name at all in your binding string, check out the section titled Serverless Binding to Active Directory. If you are specifying some other information about the server in the binding string, the material on server name syntaxes is the place to start.

If you are trying to bind to a server using secure sockets layer, there are some additional things to know. Refer to the sidebar titled Troubleshooting Binds with SecureSocketsLayer, in Chapter 3.

Part I: Fundamentals

Introduction to LDAP and Active Directory

Introduction to .NET Directory Services Programming

Binding and CRUD Operations with DirectoryEntry

Searching with the DirectorySearcher

Advanced LDAP Searches

Reading and Writing LDAP Attributes

Active Directory and ADAM Schema

Security in Directory Services Programming

Introduction to the ActiveDirectory Namespace

Part II: Practical Applications

User Management

Group Management


Part III: Appendixes

Appendix A. Three Approaches to COM Interop with ADSI

Appendix B. LDAP Tools for Programmers

Appendix C. Troubleshooting and Help


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