Error 0x8007202F: "A constraint violation occurred."

Error 0x8007202F A constraint violation occurred

This happens when you are trying to create or modify an object in the directory and the server rejects some aspect of the modification. This error can occur for a variety of different reasons, as the directory provides multiple levels of validation on modification operations. For example, the directory enforces rules defined in the schema, rules for naming objects in the directory hierarchy, and rules for certain attributes in the directory that must be enforced in order for the server to function correctly, such as the contents of specific attributes.

If this error occurs during object creation, Chapter 3 is the place to start for information about object creation and mandatory attributes. If this error occurs while updating an object, Chapter 6 provides a wealth of information about the various attribute syntaxes and rules for updating them.

It may also be worth reviewing some of the special rules for creating and modifying user and group objects in Chapters 10 and 11, respectively.

Part I: Fundamentals

Introduction to LDAP and Active Directory

Introduction to .NET Directory Services Programming

Binding and CRUD Operations with DirectoryEntry

Searching with the DirectorySearcher

Advanced LDAP Searches

Reading and Writing LDAP Attributes

Active Directory and ADAM Schema

Security in Directory Services Programming

Introduction to the ActiveDirectory Namespace

Part II: Practical Applications

User Management

Group Management


Part III: Appendixes

Appendix A. Three Approaches to COM Interop with ADSI

Appendix B. LDAP Tools for Programmers

Appendix C. Troubleshooting and Help


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