Category: Date

Syntax: DayName ( date )


DateAny valid date (1/1/000112/31/4000), expression that returns a date, or field that contains a date. The parameter can also be the numeric representation of a date (11460970).

Data type returned: Text


Returns a text string containing the name of a weekday for any valid date (1/1/000112/31/4000).

Note that the year is optional. DayName ( "12/1" ) will return the day name for December 1st in the current year.




DayName ( "11/24/2003" )

Returns Monday.

DayName ( dateField )

Returns the day of week for the date stored in the field dateField.

DayName ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - 30 )

Returns the day name for the date 30 days prior to today.

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