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Syntax: RelationInfo ( fileName; tableOccurrence )


fileNameA string or text expression representing the name of an open file.

tableOccurrenceA string or text expression representing the name of a particular table occurrence in fileName.

Data type returned: Text


Returns a list of information about all the table occurrences that are related to the specified tableOccurrence.

The results are formatted as

 Related Table Reference::Related Field
 Local Related Field
 Options for "right" side of relationship ("Delete", "Create" and/or "Sorted")

Repeat above four lines for each relationship.

The RelationInfo() function returns four lines for each table occurrence thats related to the one you specify. If there are no options selected on the "right" side of the relationship, the fourth line is blank.


RelationInfo (Get(FileName);"Contacts 2") might return values that look like this:

Delete Sorted

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