Category: Date

Syntax: Month ( date )


dateAny valid date (1/1/000112/31/4000). The parameter should be a string containing a date (for example, "3/17/2004"), an expression with a date result (for example, Date (6, 29, 1969)), or an integer that represents a serialized date value (for example, 718977).

Data type returned: Number


Returns the month number (112) for any valid date (1/1/000112/31/4000).

The numeric value returned by Month() can be used in mathematical calculations as well as within the Date() function to construct a new date.

One common use of the Month() function is to build a formula that returns the quarter of a given date:

 Month(myDate) < 4, "First Quarter",
 Month(myDate) < 7, "Second Quarter",
 Month(myDate) < 9, "Third Quarter",
 "Fourth Quarter"




Month ("5/1/2000")

Returns 5.

Month (718977)

Returns 6.

Month (Get (CurrentDate))

Returns 3 (if the current date is in March).

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