Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( CurrentTime )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Time


Returns the current time from the local system clock (on the client machine).

Note that the Time data type is stored internally as the number of seconds since midnight. Math can be performed on all Time() functions using multiples of seconds (60 = 1 minute, 3600 = 1 hour).

Remember that the time returned by Get (CurrentTime) is the local time on the system clock of the client machine. In cases where clients are accessing a database from different time zones, or someone has their clock set wrong, this data may be less useful than time extracted from the host machine's system clock with the Get (CurrentHostTimeStamp) function.




Get (CurrentTime) + 3600

Returns the time one hour from now.

Get (CurrentTime)

Returns the current time from the local system clock.

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