Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( RecordModificationCount )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Number


Returns the total number of times the current record has been modified. A record change must be committed before the modification count updates.

Committing multiple field changes at once is considered a single record modification. Each time a change is committed, the modification count increases.

Get (RecordModificationCount) can be used by custom web applications to ensure that one user's changes do not overwrite another's. At the time the record is loaded into the web browser, the record modification count can be stored. When the record is saved, the current record modification count can be checked against the stored one to see whether another user has updated the record in the meantime.

Duplicated records retain the same record modification count as the record from which they were created; the count is not reset to zero. There's no way to alter or reset the modification count.




Get (RecordModificationCount)

Returns 0 if a record has never been modified.


Returns 17 if a record has been modified 17 times since it was originally created.

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