Category: Text Formatting

Syntax: TextFontRemove ( text {; fontName; fontScript} )


textAny text expression or text field.

fontNameAny font name expressed in text.

fontScriptThe name of a character set that contains characters required for writing in the specified language.

Parameters in curly braces { } are optional.

Note that the fontScript parameter is not enclosed in quotation marks (" ") and requires the specific keywords listed later.

Data type returned: Text


Removes all fonts applied to text, or removes only fonts and font scripts as specified by the two optional parameters, fontName and fontScript. Once fonts have been removed, the data is displayed and treated as text entered into any FileMaker field by adopting whatever font attributes have been applied to the layout objects in question.

Note that font names are case sensitive and need to be entered correctly in order for the function to work properly.

Note also that font formatting functions only work on data returned as text.

The following font scripts are available:















TextFontRemove ( "Nuke all fonts" )

Returns Nuke all fonts displayed in a layout objects default font.

TextFontRemove ( "Two fonts enter, one font leaves"; "Comic Sans MS" )

Returns Two fonts enter, one font leaves with the Comic Sans MS font removed (assuming the original text string made use of it).

TextFontRemove ( "Hows your Russian?"; "Arial"; Cyrillic )

Returns Hows your Russian? with the Arial font removed from any Cyrillic character sets.

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