Category: Date

Syntax: YearName ( date; format )


dateAny calendar date.

formatA number (0, 1, or 2) that controls the display format.

Data type returned: Text (Japanese)


Returns the Japanese year name for the date specified.

The formats control how the name of Emperor is displayed: 0 = Long, 1 = Abbreviated, 2 = 2-byte Roman. "Seireki" is returned when date falls before Emperial names have been applied.

0 - Meiji 8, Taisho 8, Showa 8, Heisei 8 (before 1868.9.8, Seireki

1 - Mei 8, Tai 8, Sho 8, Hei 8 (before 1868.9.8, Sei

2 - M8, T8, S8, H8 (before 1868.9.8, A.D.xxxx)





Returns when DateField contains 7/17/2002.

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