Data Modeling and Database Design

Data Modeling for Information Professionals by Bob Schmidt (ISBN: 0-13-080450-9) gets into much more than just data modeling, but the content is great.

The Data Modeling Handbook by Michael Reingruber and William Gregory (ISBN: 0-471-05290-6) gets a lot more into the data modeling design process.

Handbook of Relational Database Design by Candace Fleming and Barbara von Halle (ISBN: 0-201-11434-8) has full coverage of design methodologies .

: FileMaker Specifications

FileMaker 8 Product Line

Specifications and Storage Limits

Field Types and Import/Export Formats

: Calculation Functions

Working with Calculations Primer

Calculation Signatures

Calculation Functions

: Custom Functions

Custom Functions Primer

Useful Custom Functions

: Script Steps

Scripting Primer

Script Step Reference

: Quick Reference

FileMaker Error Codes

FileMaker Keyboard Shortcuts

FileMaker Network Ports

FileMaker Server Command Line Reference

FileMaker XML Reference

: Other Resources

Where to Go for More Information

FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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