The keyword Module

The keyword module (see Example 13-18) contains a list of the keywords used in the current version of Python. It also provides a dictionary with the keywords as keys, and a predicate function that can be used to check if a given word is a Python keyword.

Example 13-18. Using the keyword Module

import keyword

name = raw_input("Enter module name: ")

if keyword.iskeyword(name):
 print name, "is a reserved word."
 print "heres a complete list of reserved words:"
 print keyword.kwlist

Enter module name: assert
assert is a reserved word.
heres a complete list of reserved words:
[and, assert, reak, class, continue, def, del,
elif, else, except, exec, finally, for, from,
global, if, import, in, is, lambda, 
ot, or,
pass, print, 
eturn, 	ry, while]

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