The poplib Module

The poplib module (shown in Example 7-28) provides a Post Office Protocol (POP3) client implementation. This protocol is used to "pop" (copy) messages from a central mail server to your local computer.

Example 7-28. Using the poplib Module


import poplib
import string, random
import StringIO, rfc822

SERVER = "pop.spam.egg"

USER = "mulder"
PASSWORD = "trustno1"

# connect to server
server = poplib.POP3(SERVER)

# login

# list items on server
resp, items, octets = server.list()

# download a random message
id, size = string.split(random.choice(items))
resp, text, octets = server.retr(id)

text = string.join(text, "
file = StringIO.StringIO(text)

message = rfc822.Message(file)

for k, v in message.items():
 print k, "=", v


subject = ANN: (the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library
message-id = <199910120808.KAA09206@spam.egg>
received = (from fredrik@spam.egg)
 by spam.egg (8.8.7/8.8.5) id KAA09206
 for mulder; Tue, 12 Oct 1999 10:08:47 +0200
from = Fredrik Lundh 
date = Tue, 12 Oct 1999 10:08:47 +0200
to = mulder@spam.egg


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