Volume II ECS Software Architecture Views

Date of issue: January 29, 2002

Status: Baselined; Version 2.0.21

Name of issuing organization: Software Contractors, Inc.

Change history: Available at http://www.ourinternalwebsite/ECS/documentation/architecture/vol2/change_history/

Summary: This document contains architectural views for ECS. Ten views are included: Decomposition, Uses, Generalization, Layered, Pipe and Filter, Shared Data, Communicating Processes, Deployment, Implementation, and Work Assignment. For more information about the purpose and contents of each view, see the ECS Architecture Documentation Roadmap in Chapter 1 of Volume I.


Chapter 1 Module Decomposition View

1.1. Module Decomposition View Packet 1: The ECS System

1.2. Module Decomposition View Packet 2: The Science Data Processing Segment

1.3. Module Decomposition View Packet 3: The Client Subsystem

1.4. Module Decomposition View Packet 4: The Interoperability Subsystem

1.5. Module Decomposition View Packet 5: The Ingest Subsystem

1.6. Module Decomposition View Packet 6: The Data Management Subsystem

1.7. Module Decomposition View Packet 7: The Data Processing Subsystem

1.8. Module Decomposition View Packet 8: The Data Server Subsystem

1.9. Module Decomposition View Packet 9: The Planning Subsystem

1.10. Module Decomposition View Packet 10: The Communications and System Management Segment (CSMS)

1.11. Module Decomposition View Packet 11: The System Management Subsystem

1.12. Module Decomposition View Packet 12: The Communications Subsystem

1.13. Module Decomposition View Packet 13: The Internetworking Subsystem

1.14. Module Decomposition View Packet 14: Flight Operations Segment (FOS)

Chapter 2 Module Uses View

2.1. Module Uses View Packet 1: The Science Data Processing Segment (SDPS)

2.2. Module Uses View Packet 2: The Communications and System Management Segment (CSMS)

2.3. Module Uses View Packet 3: The Flight Operations Segment (FOS)

Chapter 3 Module Generalization View

3.1. Module Generalization View Packet 1: The Science Data Processing Segment (SDPS)

Chapter 4 Module Layered View

4.1. Module Layered View Packet 1: The ECS System

Chapter 5 C&C Pipe-and-Filter View

5.1. C&C Pipe-and-Filter View Packet 1: The ECS System

Chapter 6 C&C Shared-Data View

6.1. C&C Shared-Data View Packet 1: The Data Management Subsystem

Chapter 7 C&C Communicating-Processes View

7.1. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 1: Ingest Subsystem

7.2. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 2: Data Server Subsystem

7.3. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 3: Data Management Subsystem

7.4. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 4: Client Subsystem

7.5. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 5: Interoperability Subsystem

7.6. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 6: Planning Subsystem

7.7. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 7: Data Processing Subsystem

7.8. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 8: Communications Subsystem

7.9. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 9: System Management Subsystem

7.10. C&C Communicating-Processes View Packet 10: Internetworking Subsystem

Chapter 8 Allocation Deployment View

8.1. Allocation Deployment View Packet 1: The ECS System

Chapter 9 Allocation Implementation View

9.1. Allocation Implementation View Packet 1: The ECS System

Chapter 10 Allocation Work Assignment View

10.1. Allocation Work Assignment View Packet 1: The ECS System

Software Architectures and Documentation

Part I. Software Architecture Viewtypes and Styles

The Module Viewtype

Styles of the Module Viewtype

The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The Allocation Viewtype and Styles

Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

Advanced Concepts

Documenting Software Interfaces

Documenting Behavior

Choosing the Views

Building the Documentation Package

Other Views and Beyond

Rationale, Background, and Design Constraints


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