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For more information about documenting the deployment style using UML, visit

Architectured-based management of software projects is discussed in [Paulish 01]. This is the place where the work assignment style comes into play. The relationship between the structure of systems and the structure of organizations that build them was first observed by Conway [Conway 68].

The implementation style is closely aligned with the very broad topic of software configuration management (CM). An in-depth treatment of CM is far beyond the scope of this book, but you can begin investigating the topic by visiting, which contains links to other CM-related sites and resources.

Software Architectures and Documentation

Part I. Software Architecture Viewtypes and Styles

The Module Viewtype

Styles of the Module Viewtype

The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The Allocation Viewtype and Styles

Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

Advanced Concepts

Documenting Software Interfaces

Documenting Behavior

Choosing the Views

Building the Documentation Package

Other Views and Beyond

Rationale, Background, and Design Constraints


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