Allocation Implementation View

9.1 Allocation Implementation View Packet 1: The ECS System

9.1.1 Primary Presentation and Properties[16]

[16] Here is a slight deviation from the standard template. Because the primary presentation is tabular, it was combined with the element catalog to prevent having to list the software elements twice. For this example, the properties are not filled in.

ECS Element (Module) Properties
Segment Subsystem Where Stored Files Build Frequency Contact
Science Data Processing Segment (SDPS) Client        
  Data Management        
  Data Processing        
  Data Server        
Communications and System Management Segment (CSMS) System Management        
Flight Operations Segment (FOS) Planning and Scheduling        
  Data Management        
  Command Management        
  Resource Management        
  User Interface        

9.1.2 Element Catalog Elements and Their Properties

As shown in the primary presentation, properties include the server location where the subsystem is stored during development, the files that it consists of, the build cyclenightly, weekly, and so onthat it subscribes to, and contact information for the team member responsible for providing the latest version or accepting bug reports. Relations and Their Properties

The relation type of this view is is-allocated-to, and the relations are as shown in the primary presentation. Software elements are allocated to locations in the develpment environments' file structures. Element Interfaces

[omitted] Element Behavior

Not applicable.

9.1.3 Context Diagram


9.1.4 Variability Guide


9.1.5 Architecture Background


9.1.6 Other Information


9.1.7 Related View Packets

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Software Architectures and Documentation

Part I. Software Architecture Viewtypes and Styles

The Module Viewtype

Styles of the Module Viewtype

The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The Allocation Viewtype and Styles

Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

Advanced Concepts

Documenting Software Interfaces

Documenting Behavior

Choosing the Views

Building the Documentation Package

Other Views and Beyond

Rationale, Background, and Design Constraints


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