Allocation Work Assignment View

The work assignment view consists of a single view packet that assigns each available work unit to one or more ECS subsystems.

10.1 Allocation Work Assignment View Packet 1: The ECS System

10.1.1 Primary Presentation

ECS Element (Module)  
Segment Subsystem Organizational Unit
Science Data Processing Segment (SDPS) Client Science team
  Interoperability Prime contractor team 1
  Ingest Prime contractor team 2
  Data Management Data team
  Data Processing Data team
  Data Server Data team
  Planning Orbital vehicle team
Communications and System Management Segment (CSMS) System Management Infrastructure team
Flight Operations Segment (FOS) Planning and Scheduling Orbital vehicle team
  Data Management Database team
  Command Management Orbital vehicle team
  Commanding Orbital vehicle team
  Resource Management Prime contractor team 3
  Telemetry Orbital vehicle team
  User Interface User interface team
  Analysis Orbital vehicle team

10.1.2 Element Catalog Elements and Their Properties

In the following table, elements are working groups named in the primary presentation.

Element Contractor or Internal Team Point of Contact (phone, e-mail) Skill Set
Data team Internal

K. Kelliher, x6532

Ability to work closely with Science team to understand the types and structure of data ingested, processed, and produced by ECS. Extensive experience in scientific computing, numerical algorithms, and multidimensional reference frames.
Database team Contractor 3

C. Solberg, 301-555-3342

Experience with large relational database systems, including performance issues associated with choice of schema, query optimization schemes, and backup operations.
Infrastructure team Contractor 2

L. Woods, 202-555-7580

Experience with contracting for and acquiring commercial off-the-shelf software, especially in the area of communications and system management, and maintaining and evolving COTS-intensive systems, paying special attention to cross-product version compatibility.
Orbital vehicle team Internal

D. Sirius, x6644

Extensive experience with Earth orbital satellites, including onboard sensors, telemetry and command languages, orbital dynamics, and satelliteground segment communication.
Prime contractor teams (all) Contractor 1

R. Fetchick, 703-555-3471

Experience with object-oriented development models and the ability to coordinate multiple development activities.
Science team Internal

S. Hadow, x4211

Experience with science data processing and algorithm implementation. Access to science user community and ability to translate scientists' needs into implementable requirements and designs.
[etc.] [etc.] [etc.] [etc.] Relations and Their Properties

The only relation type in this view is is-assigned-to. The relations are as shown in the primary presentation. Element Interfaces

Not applicable. Element Behavior

Not applicable.

10.1.3 Context Diagram

See Module Decomposition View Packet 1: The ECS System (Volume II, Section 1.1, page 414) for a relevant context diagram.

10.1.4 Variability Guide


10.1.5 Architecture Background

  • Procuring COTS. Those subsystems whose implementation is planned to be satisfied largely by purchasing commercial off-the-shelf software have been assigned to a single con tractor in the hopes of achieving cost savings by localizing the tasks of product qualification, managing product evolution, and making sure that procured components are version compatible with one another. COTS is expected to dominate the Communications and System Management Segment (CSMS), and so it will fall to the infrastructure team to manage the acquisition and integration of those commercial products.


10.1.6 Other Information


10.1.7 Related View Packets

  • Parent: None.
  • Children: None.
  • Siblings: None in this view. View packets that express the same scope as this onenamely, the whole systeminclude

    - Module Decomposition View Packet 1: The ECS System (Volume II, Section 1.1, page 414)

    - Module Layered View Packet 1: The ECS System (Volume II, Section 4.1, page 435)

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Software Architectures and Documentation

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Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

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