Mapping Between Views

This chapter establishes the relationship between corresponding elements and structures that appear in different views in Volume II. Not all pairwise view combinations have a mapping in this section, and not every element is mapped. The emphasis is on mappings that provide useful insights.

The following table summarizes the mappings in this chapter. The table cells tell which section contains a mapping between the corresponding views on the cell's row and column header.

  Module Decomposition Module Generalization Module Uses Module Layered C&C Pipe-and-Filter C&C Shared-Data C&C Communicating-Processes Allocation Deployment Allocation Implementation Allocation Work Assignment
Module Decomposition   4.1 4.4     4.2 4.3   4.4 4.4
Module Generalization 4.1                  
Module Uses 4.4               4.4 4.4
Module Layered                    
C&C Pipe-and-Filter                    
C&C Shared-Data 4.2                  
C&C Communicating-Processes 4.3                  
Allocation Deployment                    
Allocation Implementation 4.4   4.4             4.4
Allocation Work Assignment 4.4   4.4           4.4  

4.1 Mapping Between Module Decomposition View and Module Generalization View

Generalization View Element Decomposition View Element Relation
IngestData class Ingest subsystem The subsystem contains the named classes and all their child classes. The interface of the Ingest subsystem is provided completely by the union of the interfaces of all the named classes and their children.

4.2 Mapping Between Module Decomposition View and C&C Shared-Data View

Shared-Data View Element Decomposition View Element Relation
DictServ Data Management subsystem The named shared-data elements are part of the given subsystem.
RPC Communications and Systems Management Segment  
[etc.] [etc.] [etc.]

4.3 Mapping Between Module Decomposition View and C&C Communicating-Processes View

Communicating-Processes View Element Decomposition View Element Relation
EcInAuto Ingest subsystem The named processes are part of the given subsystem.
Sybase Server
[etc.] [etc.] [etc.]

4.4 Mapping Between Module Decomposition View, Module Uses View, Allocation Implementation View, and Allocation Work Assignment View

The segments and subsystems named in the two allocation views and the module uses view are exactly the same elements as those named in the module decomposition view.

[Other mappings omitted.][5]

[5] It not necessary or desirable to include mappings between every pair of views. A minimum goal is to establish at least one strong module/C&C mapping and a mapping from allocation views to the views whose elements they allocate.

Software Architectures and Documentation

Part I. Software Architecture Viewtypes and Styles

The Module Viewtype

Styles of the Module Viewtype

The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The Allocation Viewtype and Styles

Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

Advanced Concepts

Documenting Software Interfaces

Documenting Behavior

Choosing the Views

Building the Documentation Package

Other Views and Beyond

Rationale, Background, and Design Constraints


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