Summary Checklist

  • What views you choose depends on who the important stakeholders are, what budget is on hand, what the schedule is, and what skills are available.
  • You should expect to choose at least one view from each of the three viewtypes: module, component-and-connector, and allocation.
  • You will probably wish to combine some views or to have one view serve in another's place.

Software Architectures and Documentation

Part I. Software Architecture Viewtypes and Styles

The Module Viewtype

Styles of the Module Viewtype

The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The Allocation Viewtype and Styles

Part II. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice

Advanced Concepts

Documenting Software Interfaces

Documenting Behavior

Choosing the Views

Building the Documentation Package

Other Views and Beyond

Rationale, Background, and Design Constraints


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