Customers and Products

Delivering customer valueproduct features produced within the target timeframeis a cornerstone of APM, and the customer drives the process. In order to innovate in delivering that value in an effective and timely fashion, agile teams employ iterative, feature-based delivery. Finally, to ensure that value gets delivered both today and in the future, that products can adapt to changing customer demands both during development and after initial deployment, project managers and teams need to create an environment in which technical excellence is viewed as a critical priority.

Chapter 3 will cover the next set of guiding principles, those related to management and organizational issues.

The Agile Revolution

Guiding Principles: Customers and Products

Guiding Principles: Leadership-Collaboration Management

An Agile Project Management Model

The Envision Phase

The Speculate Phase

The Explore Phase

The Adapt and Close Phases

Building Large Adaptive Teams

Reliable Innovation

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