Principles to Practices

Ultimately, what people do , how they behave , is what creates great products. Principles and practices are guides; they help identify and reinforce certain behaviors. In agile development the behaviors we want to encourage are thinking, acting , and interacting . We want knowledgeable people to glean new information from the product development process; apply that new information thoughtfully; and to interact with their peers to generate emergent, innovative ideas and apply those ideas to the building of real, demonstrable product components .

While principles guide agile teams , specific practices are necessary to actually accomplish work. A process structure and specific practices form a minimal, flexible framework for self-organizing teams. The next five chapters identify and describe the processes and practices of APM.

The Agile Revolution

Guiding Principles: Customers and Products

Guiding Principles: Leadership-Collaboration Management

An Agile Project Management Model

The Envision Phase

The Speculate Phase

The Explore Phase

The Adapt and Close Phases

Building Large Adaptive Teams

Reliable Innovation

Agile Project Management. Creating Innovative Products
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