Operator Precedence

Table 65 lists the operators in the Java programming language. Operators higher in the table have higher precedence than do those lower in the table. Operators on the same line have the same precedence.

Table 65. Operator Precedence

Operator Category


Postfix operators

[] . (params) expr++ expr--

Unary operators

++expr --expr +expr -expr ~ !

Creation or cast

new (type)expr


* / %


+ -


<< >> >>>


< > <= >= instanceof


== !=

Bitwise AND


Bitwise exclusive OR


Bitwise inclusive OR


Logical AND


Logical OR





= += -= *= /= %=

^= &= |= <<= >>= >>>=

When operators of equal precedence appear in the same expression, a rule must govern which is evaluated first. In the Java programming language, all binary operators except for the assignment operators are evaluated in left-to-right order. Assignment operators are evaluated in right-to-left order.

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