What about Thread.destroy?

Thread.destroy has never been implemented. If it were implemented, it would be deadlock prone in the manner of Thread.suspend. (In fact, it is roughly equivalent to Thread.suspend without the possibility of a subsequent Thread.resume.) We are not implementing it at this time, but neither are we deprecating it (forestalling its implementation in future). Although it would certainly be deadlock prone, it has been argued that there may be circumstances when a program is willing to risk a deadlock rather than to exit outright.

Getting Started

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Language Basics

Object Basics and Simple Data Objects

Classes and Inheritance

Interfaces and Packages

Handling Errors Using Exceptions

Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks at Once

I/O: Reading and Writing

User Interfaces That Swing

Appendix A. Common Problems and Their Solutions

Appendix B. Internet-Ready Applets

Appendix C. Collections

Appendix D. Deprecated Thread Methods

Appendix E. Reference

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