Integrated Development Environments

The Java 2 SDK software comes with a minimal set of tools. Serious developers are advised to use a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Java 2 SDK software. Table 66 lists several professional integrated development environments.

Table 66. Integrated Development Environments with Java 2 SDK Software

Sun Microsystems Forte™ for Java,™ Community Edition

Borland JBuilder™

Sybase PowerJ™

WebGain Visual Café™

Oracle JDeveloper™

Metrowerks CodeWarrior™for Java,™ Professional Edition

Check the Java 2 platform Web site for details:

Getting Started

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Language Basics

Object Basics and Simple Data Objects

Classes and Inheritance

Interfaces and Packages

Handling Errors Using Exceptions

Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks at Once

I/O: Reading and Writing

User Interfaces That Swing

Appendix A. Common Problems and Their Solutions

Appendix B. Internet-Ready Applets

Appendix C. Collections

Appendix D. Deprecated Thread Methods

Appendix E. Reference

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