Appendix C. Collections

This appendix introduces the Java Collections Framework.™ You will learn what collections are and how they'll make your job easier and your programs better. You'll learn about the core elements that comprise the Collections Framework: interfaces, implementations, and algorithms.

This appendix also describes the core collection interfaces, which are the heart and soul of the Java Collections Framework. You'll learn general guidelines for effective use of these interfaces, including when to use which interface. You'll also learn idioms for each interface to help you get the most out of the interfaces.



What Is a Collections Framework?


Drawbacks of the Collections Framework


Collection Interface

Set Interface

List Interface

Map Interface

Object Ordering

SortedSet Interface

SortedMap Interface


General-Purpose Implementations

Wrapper Implementations

Convenience Implementations




Routine Data Manipulation


Finding Extreme Values

Custom Implementations

Reasons to Write Your Own Implementation

How to Write a Custom Implementation



API Design

Getting Started

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Language Basics

Object Basics and Simple Data Objects

Classes and Inheritance

Interfaces and Packages

Handling Errors Using Exceptions

Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks at Once

I/O: Reading and Writing

User Interfaces That Swing

Appendix A. Common Problems and Their Solutions

Appendix B. Internet-Ready Applets

Appendix C. Collections

Appendix D. Deprecated Thread Methods

Appendix E. Reference

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