Applying Themes to Entire Diagrams

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Key Points

  • To format individual shapes, use the commands on the Format menu or the buttons on the Formatting toolbar.
  • To quickly copy all the formatting from one shape to another shape, use the Format Painter tool. Double-click the tool to copy the formatting from one shape to multiple shapes.
  • To add borders, backgrounds, or titles to your diagrams, drag a shape from the Borders and Titles stencil or the Backgrounds stencil onto the drawing page.
  • To apply a color or effect theme to your entire diagram, use the Theme Colors and Theme Effects task panes. On the Format menu, click Theme.
  • An effect theme includes formatting for fonts, fills, shadows, and lines.
  • Create a new color theme by clicking New Theme Colors in the Theme Colors task pane.
  • Create a new effect theme by clicking New Theme Effects in the Theme Effects task pane.
  • Copy a custom theme from one drawing to another by copying a shape from the drawing with the custom theme to the other drawing. You can delete the shape from the second drawing if you don't need it.

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