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Judy Lemke (www.judylemke.com) is an award-winning writer with more than ten years of experience writing, editing, and designing everything from developer documentation and tutorials to product manuals and marketing collateral. Ms. Lemke specializes in documentation, marketing collateral, and training for Microsoft Office Visio products.

Resources Online (www.ronline.com) has been creating and delivering content for companies and organizations via electronic and print media for more than fifteen years. The company provides content architecture and management services; Web and application development; and content development including writing, editing, and media production. In addition to creating books and training materials about Microsoft Visio, Resources Online uses Visio extensively to model and build protocols for their health care products.

Quick Reference

Getting Started with Visio 2007

Adding Shapes to Diagrams

Formatting Shapes and Diagrams

Connecting Shapes

Creating Project Schedules

Creating Organization Charts

Laying Out Office Spaces

Creating Network Diagrams


About the Authors

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Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Step by Step
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
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