Creating Network Reports

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Key Points

  • You can connect network equipment shapes to backbone shapes, such as Ethernet or Ring network shapes, in network diagrams by dragging control handles from the backbone shape to the middle of the network equipment shape.
  • You can store network equipment information with shapes by using shape data fields. To view a shape's data, select the shape, and then on the View menu, click Shape Data Window. You can also right-click a shape, point to Data, and then click Shape Data on the shortcut menu.
  • You can define a new data field for all the instances of a shape in your diagram. Open the Document Stencil, and then on that stencil, double-click the shape to which you want to add the data field. Select the shape in the drawing window, and then add the data.
  • You can define a new shape data field for a single shape. Select the shape, right-click the Shape Data window, and then click Define Shape Data on the shortcut menu.
  • You can run a predefined network report or create your own network report definition. On the Data menu, click Reports. To create your own report definition, click New in the Reports dialog box.

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