Customizing the Layout of Organization Charts

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Key Points

  • You can create organization charts from scratch by starting with the Organization Chart template and dragging shapes on top of one another to create reporting relationships.
  • You can create organization charts from information stored in data files or information you enter in a wizard by using the Organization Chart Wizard template.
  • You can use the Shape Data window to view shape data, such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, not shown in organization chart shapes.
  • You can use the Options command on the Organization Chart menu to display shape data as text and format the text in all the shapes in a chart at once.
  • You can use the Organization Chart menu and toolbar to rearrange shapes in an organization chart.
  • You can create synchronized copies of departments or teams in large organizations to build multiple-page organization charts that show an overview of the organization on the first page and department details on the rest of the pages in the drawing file.

Quick Reference

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Creating Network Diagrams


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