Inserting Pictures into Diagrams

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Key Points

  • All Visio shapes behave like 1-D or 2-D shapes. 1-D shapes, such as lines, have end points that you can use to shorten or lengthen them. 2-D shapes, such as rectangles, circles, diamonds, and triangles, have selection handles that you can use to increase their height or width.
  • You can drag a corner selection handle on a 2-D shape to resize it proportionally. Drag the rotation handle on a 2-D shape to rotate it.
  • When the pointer changes to a four-headed arrow pointer, you can move the shape. When the pointer changes to a two-headed arrow pointer, you can resize the shape.
  • To copy and position a shape in a single action, drag it while holding down the Ctrl key. Be sure to release the mouse button before the Ctrl key; otherwise, you'll move the shape.
  • To add text to a shape, select it, and then type your text. To add independent text to a diagram, use the Text tool.
  • To work with an individual shape in a group, subselect the shape within the group.
  • To find additional shapes for your diagrams, type keywords in the Search for Shapesbox.
  • To insert pictures created in other programs into your diagrams, use the Picture commandon the Format menu or the Clip Art task pane.Chapter Title

Quick Reference

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