In this chapter, we checked InfoCube contents, used BW Monitor to analyze data loads, and used PSA to check data before they were sent to a destination InfoCube.

Figure 4.1 shows how data flow in BW. In this chapter, we followed the path linked via solid lines. Later chapters in this book will discuss the other paths.

Figure 4.1. DATA FLOW


Key Terms

Term Description
PSA PSA is a data staging area in BW. It allows us to check data in an intermediate location, before they are sent to their destinations in BW.


We will create queries on the InfoCube to generate reports.

Part I. Guided Tours

Business Scenario and SAP BW

Creating an InfoCube

Loading Data into the InfoCube

Checking Data Quality

Creating Queries and Workbooks

Managing User Authorization

Part II. Advanced Topics

InfoCube Design

Aggregates and Multi-Cubes

Operational Data Store (ODS)

Business Content

Generic R/3 Data Extraction

Data Maintenance

Performance Tuning

Object Transport

Appendix A. BW Implementation Methodology

Object Transport

Appendix B. SAP Basis Overview

Object Transport

Appendix C. Glossary

Appendix D. Bibliography

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