InfoCube Design

InfoCube design not only determines business functionality, but also directly affects system performance.

In this chapter we will first look into the star schema implemented in BW. Next, we will analyze three InfoCube design alternatives for the same business scenario described in Chapter 1. Finally, we will briefly discuss two other InfoCube design techniques:

  • Compound attributes
  • Line item dimensions


In BW, use of aggregates is a key technique for improving query performance. Therefore, when evaluating an InfoCube design, we must consider whether the design supports aggregates as critical criteria. See Chapter 8 for more information on aggregates.

Part I. Guided Tours

Business Scenario and SAP BW

Creating an InfoCube

Loading Data into the InfoCube

Checking Data Quality

Creating Queries and Workbooks

Managing User Authorization

Part II. Advanced Topics

InfoCube Design

Aggregates and Multi-Cubes

Operational Data Store (ODS)

Business Content

Generic R/3 Data Extraction

Data Maintenance

Performance Tuning

Object Transport

Appendix A. BW Implementation Methodology

Object Transport

Appendix B. SAP Basis Overview

Object Transport

Appendix C. Glossary

Appendix D. Bibliography

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