Creating DataSources in R/3 and Replicating Them to BW

Creating DataSources in R 3 and Replicating Them to BW

DataSources consist of structures and objects that BW uses to extract data from source systems. Generic R/3 data extraction in Business Content allows us to create DataSources for the views created in Section 11.1. The procedure follows.

Work Instructions

Step 1. Run transaction SBIW and click Maintain Generic DataSources, or run transaction RSO2.



SCREEN 11.13


Step 2. Because our BW system is 2.0B, click the BW Release 2.0 button. Enter a name as the Master data attributes, and then click graphics/create1.gif.



SCREEN 11.14



Here ZVENDOR_ATTR is a DataSource name, not the name of the view ZVENDOR_ATTR created in Section 11.1.

Step 3. Enter ZVENDOR_ATTR as the View/table and other information as shown, and then click graphics/generate.gif to generate the DataSource.



SCREEN 11.15



Besides DB view, we can use ABAP queries to select R/3 data. ABAP queries are now called InfoSet queries.

An InfoSet works much like a view but allows outer joins between tables. InfoSet queries are ABAP programs generated by SAP (either R/3 or BW), based on the output specifications given by a user. When you use InfoSet in data extraction, Plug-In will create a query for the DataSource automatically.

Step 4. Create the DataSource as a local object. Click graphics/localobject1.gif.

SCREEN 11.16


Step 5. In the new window, check two selection fields and click graphics/save.gif to save the DataSource.

SCREEN 11.17



You have created the DataSource ZVENDOR_ATTR.

Repeating the preceding steps, we create DataSource ZVENDOR_TEXT for the view ZVENDOR_TEXT.

Now we need to replicate the DataSources so that identical structures of the DataSources will appear in the BW system (see Screen 11.18).

SCREEN 11.18


Next, we will create a characteristic in the BW system to receive and store the R/3 data.

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Object Transport

Appendix A. BW Implementation Methodology

Object Transport

Appendix B. SAP Basis Overview

Object Transport

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