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One of the BW's strongest selling points is its Business Content. Business Content is a set of BW objects developed by SAP based on predefined business roles and their tasks. For example, a sales manager is a business role, and monitoring and forecasting sales demands and pricing trends is a task. To accomplish these tasks, the sales manager needs reports to get business information and conduct online analysis. In Part I of this book, we learned that reports are created from queries, queries are created from InfoCubes, and InfoCubes are created from InfoObjects. To load data, we need DataSources, transfer rules, InfoSources, and update rules. Business Content contains all of these objects for predefined business roles and their tasks.

As described in Chapter 3, DataSources relate to their source systems. In Business Content, the DataSources are defined for R/3. Considering the difficulties in the R/3 ETTL process, we can say that the R/3 DataSources in Business Content make data warehousing projects much easier and more manageable.

This chapter discusses how to load R/3 data using a R/3 DataSource for 0PLANT. 0PLANT is a standard InfoObject in Business Content. Put another way, we will implement the path paved by the solid lines in Figure 10.1. First, we need to create an R/3 source system.

Figure 10.1. DATA FLOW


Part I. Guided Tours

Business Scenario and SAP BW

Creating an InfoCube

Loading Data into the InfoCube

Checking Data Quality

Creating Queries and Workbooks

Managing User Authorization

Part II. Advanced Topics

InfoCube Design

Aggregates and Multi-Cubes

Operational Data Store (ODS)

Business Content

Generic R/3 Data Extraction

Data Maintenance

Performance Tuning

Object Transport

Appendix A. BW Implementation Methodology

Object Transport

Appendix B. SAP Basis Overview

Object Transport

Appendix C. Glossary

Appendix D. Bibliography

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