Appendix C. Compiling and Installing Postfix

The general steps to build Postfix from the source files are to obtain the software bundle, uncompress it, compile it, and install it. The tools you need are common on nearly all distributions of Unix: gzip, tar, make, and a C compiler. Postfix generally expects the GNU gcc compiler, but you can also build it with your platform's native compiler, as long as it supports ANSI C.



Postfix Architecture

General Configuration and Administration

Queue Management

Email and DNS

Local Delivery and POP/IMAP

Hosting Multiple Domains

Mail Relaying

Mailing Lists

Blocking Unsolicited Bulk Email

SASL Authentication

Transport Layer Security

Content Filtering

External Databases

Appendix A. Configuration Parameters

Appendix B. Postfix Commands

Appendix C. Compiling and Installing Postfix

Appendix D. Frequently Asked Questions

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