Postfix Architecture

You can easily manage and operate Postfix without understanding everything about how it works. If you're ready to dive right in, you can skip this section and start at the beginning of the next chapter. It might be difficult to digest all of the material here if you don't have much experience with Postfix yet, but this chapter will give you an overview of the various pieces, which might come in handy as you start to work with Postfix. Later, after you have more experience with Postfix, you might want to return to this chapter to try to absorb more of the details.



Postfix Architecture

General Configuration and Administration

Queue Management

Email and DNS

Local Delivery and POP/IMAP

Hosting Multiple Domains

Mail Relaying

Mailing Lists

Blocking Unsolicited Bulk Email

SASL Authentication

Transport Layer Security

Content Filtering

External Databases

Appendix A. Configuration Parameters

Appendix B. Postfix Commands

Appendix C. Compiling and Installing Postfix

Appendix D. Frequently Asked Questions

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