Appendix Y Supplier CM Market Analysis Questionnaire

  1. Do you have a viable engineering drawing and part numbering system? Explain.
  2. What is your method of re-identifying parts when changes are made? How do you relate part number changes to the serial numbers of the deliverable item?
  3. How do you manage item modifications?
  4. How do you inform your own personnel and customers of changes to your product?
  5. Do you currently operate using all or any portions of any recognized CM standard?
  6. Do you employ a formal change review process? Do you operate a change control board? A Material Review Board?
  7. How do you assure the currency, integrity, and consistency of:

    • Specifications
    • Software
    • Documentation
    • Service Manuals
    • Operating Manuals
  8. Do you have a release procedure for documentation? Explain.
  9. Do you apply serial numbers and or lot numbers to your products? How are they assigned and marked ?
  10. By what method do you assure that products delivered to your customers comply with the customers order and specification?
  11. What type of communication relative to change activity do you have with your suppliers?
  12. Do you ever install refurbished components in your products?
  13. If a product line is dropped, when is a customer notified? What options are offered the customer?
  14. If a component that is supplied to the customer as a spare part is being changed, how and when is the customer notified?
  15. How do you support your products? What options are typically available to the customer?

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Software Configuration Management
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