Appendix A Brown & Donaldson Case Study

Appendix A Brown Donaldson Case Study


Brown & Donaldson (B&D) is a fictitious online brokerage firm that you can use to practice the test design techniques presented in this book. B&D was originally created for Software Quality Engineering's Web/eBusiness Testing course (see The actual B&D Web site is found at Any resemblance to any actual online brokerage Web site is purely coincidental.


The Login page is the gateway into the B&D site. It requires a legitimate username and password.

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Market News

The Market News page is the main page of the B&D site. It contains navigation buttons on the left side of the page, stock performance charts at the top, and news stories of interest to B&D's investors.

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The Trade page allows a B&D client to buy and sell stocks. It contains a buy/sell button, a text box for the stock ticker symbol, a text box for the number of shares to be bought or sold (quantity), and boxes indicating the type of trade.

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Symbol Lookup

The Symbol Lookup page is reached from the Trade page. It is used when the B&D client is unsure of the stock ticker symbol and must look it up. It contains one field where the first few characters of the organization's name are entered.

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Lookup Results

The Lookup Results page is the result of the previous Symbol Lookup page. It displays the stock symbols that matched the previous search.

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Perhaps the most important page on the B&D site, the Holdings page displays the stocks currently owned by this client.

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The Glossary page can be used to look up terms that unfamiliar to the B&D client.

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