The mailcap Module

The mailcap module in Example 6-7 contains code that deals with mailcap files, which contain information on how to handle different document formats (on Unix platforms).

Example 6-7. Using the mailcap Module to Get a Capability Dictionary


import mailcap

caps = mailcap.getcaps()

for k, v in caps.items():
 print k, "=", v

image/* = [{'view': 'pilview'}]
application/postscript = [{'view': 'ghostview'}]

In Example 6-7, the system uses pilview for all kinds of images, and ghostscript viewer for PostScript documents. Example 6-8 shows how to find a viewer using mailcap.

Example 6-8. Using the mailcap Module to Find a Viewer


import mailcap

caps = mailcap.getcaps()

command, info = mailcap.findmatch(
 caps, "image/jpeg", "view", "samples/sample.jpg"

print command

pilview samples/sample.jpg

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