The util Module

(Obsolete, Only in 1.5.2) The util module is included for backward-compatibility only. New code should use the replacement constructs shown in Examples 14-21 through 14-23.

Example 14-21 shows how remove(sequence, item) removes the given item, if found in the sequence.

Example 14-21. Emulating the util Modules remove Function

def remove(sequence, item):
 if item in sequence:

Example 14-22 shows how readfile(filename) => string reads the contents of a text file as a single string.

Example 14-22. Emulating the util Modules readfile Function

def readfile(filename):
 file = open(filename, "r")

Example 14-23 shows how readopenfile(file) => string returns the contents of an open file (or other file object).

Example 14-23. Emulating the util Modules readopenfile Function

def readopenfile(file):

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